Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Try Before You Buy.

We can give you a demo for the product before you make a purchase so asking for refund after the refund period is not allowed. We strongly recommend downloading, installing, and testing the trial version of any MYAPPSTORES product prior to making a purchase.

Refund After period over

In some case we may offer a refund to a customer if some genuine reason is given. If there is issue from our side and we are unable to resolve then refund will be applicable.

Circumstances Refund Will not be Applicable

No refund will be available after the refund period is over. No refund will be given if you violate / damage the product. Refund will be give to the user who have purchase from myappstores.com Any purchase of the My app store product at a discount price, with customization included, is non-refundable. If you do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, we ask that you do not place an order with us and do not use our website. Refund in case if server / maintence for small period is not given. Once a booking is confirmed you have 7 days to cancel the purchase. You will get full refund of the payment within 30 days. Payment terms are subject to change as per the market policy.
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